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The Vera & Joy story

Anyone who loves music knows that it is about so much more than notes, rhythm and chords. It is about emotions and about being touched deep inside – where we generally locate our soul and our “feeling center”. To lose yourself completely in the music and no longer worry about the worries and problems of everyday life.

Who would not want that? In particular, jazz music – which is known to be much more experimental and therefore also “free” than so-called classical music – is apt to take the listener on an exciting and fascinating (world) trip. Because that’s exactly what jazz music is: Real “world music”, which unites different currents and easily crosses borders.

Maria Joy Stork and Claudio Vera Valladares are VeraJoy

The duo verajoy are the two musicians Maria Joy Stork and Claudio Vera Valladares. Both have dedicated their life to music with  body and soul.The paths of the german lady  from the Wendland area and the Spaniard from the holiday island of Tenerife crossed for the first time around 10 years ago in Barcelona.Both immediately knew that from now on they wanted to go their (musical) way together.

Since then they have been working successfully as a duo and have already performed together in Germany, France and Spain – in clubs, bars and festivals.

In their music they skillfully combine very different musical styles – such as soul, jazz, blues and elements of spanish music – so that a harmonious and truly “soul-touching” mix is created. The listeners are always under the spell and the great success proves the two passionate musicians right anyway.


Album “Tell me” is out!

VeraJoy in Madrid with Luis del Toro

…… The long-awaited album by the music duo VeraJoy is out! But the wait was worth it in any case, because it is actually a real masterpiece that fans of Soul & Jazz music, will definitely delight and fascinate.

The reasons for this is more than obvious: the duo was able to win the well-known spanish music producer Luis del Toro for the production of this album, which was recorded in Madrid.

In the course of his career, Luis has already worked successfully with numerous international musicians – such as Diego el Cigala or Paquito de Rivera – and has been awarded both a Grammy and the Goya – an important Spanish film award.

The fans of the Soul, Jazz, Blues duo VeraJoy can therefore look forward to a real “musical treat”!